Last I Saw You™
How It Works

"Reconnect with anyone!"™
Step 1 Just as if you would put a message in a bottle and throw it in the sea if you were on a deserted island in order to be found, you use "Last I Saw You" to put your "electronic message in a bottle" out on the internet so that others can find you.

Other people do the same, so that they in turn can be found by you.
Step 2 Then, others use "Last I Saw You" to search for you, just as you can search for their messages.

This is all done anonymously.  You do not even need to know their name.
Step 3 If you find a "message" that you think is someone you know, you can have "Last I Saw You" send them an email. If that person wants to reply to you they can then send you an email and the re-connection is made!

The opposite is also true: if someone finds your message in their search, they can have "Last I Saw You" send you an email and you can decide if that person is someone you are trying to re-connect with.

You never have to reveal your contact information unless you choose to.

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